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Fabric Stickers for Smooth Surfaces

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Fabric Stickers for Smooth Surfaces

AGES 12+

Create vibrant One-Of-A-Kind designs using our new Yodle personalization technology! Ingraining designs into our patches is super easy and totally unique! There have never been customizable patches like this before! These patches can stick to any smooth surface, like the back of a phone or laptop...and they are removable too. Swap them out each day if you want. Its super easy. Cut them to any shape.Go ahead and get patch crazed, but with a twist! Stay tuned because we have a whole world of new patches coming soon!


  • Removable

  • Sticks to smooth surfaces such as the back of phones or laptops.

  • Fits iphone 6 and 6S.

  • Includes three 2.3 x 4.75 Yodle Patches with stitched edging (so they won't fray)

  • Three matching double adhesive stickers, one side for the fabric one side for the smooth surface.

  • One piece of sticky Freestyle Foam, one Magic Fader and Yodle Design Instruction Book.

  • Fabric and Stickers: Made in the USA

  • Foam and Magic Fader: Imported