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Design Kit 1: The Essentials

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Design Kit 1: The Essentials

AGES 12+

Use this 3D Impresto Essential Design Kit to ingrain over 25 original design precisely and permanently onto any Yodle product! Great value. Once the Impresto design is ingrained into the surface of the fabric, you are ready to add pops of color. This complete kit is designed for quick start Yodle projects and arrives in a beautiful box. All Imprestos are reusable and each one has a unique name, so collect them all!

  • Design Kit includes 25 unique Imprestos.

  • Sizes range from .5" to 2".

  • Includes one Magic Fader, two sheets of Freestyle foam, one instruction booklet.

  • Includes one 1" x 1" ink stamp. All Imprestos Reusable.

  • This Design Kit is included with all Starter Kits.

  • These Imprestos will work on any Yodle Product

  • Imported

  • Patent Pending