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Eight Ball

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Eight Ball

AGES 12+

Use this 3D Impresto Kit to ingrain this design precisely and permanently onto any Yodle product! Once the Impresto design is ingrained into the surface of the fabric, you are ready to add pops of color. Reuse it or stash it away for next time. Imprestos also double as a hanging accessory on bags and keys. Use the smaller Imprestos for customizing pockets and small areas and the larger ones for full surface areas found on our Yodle bags and pants.

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3D Imprestos

  • Kit includes one 3D Impresto, one Magic Fader, one sheet of Freestyle foam, one instruction booklet.

  • Reusable

  • Also works as a hanging accessory.

  • New Yodle designed Imprestos added frequently or customize your own.

  • Made in the USA from PLA 3D filament.

  • Foam and Magic Fader: Imported.

  • Use 1.5" Imprestos on pockets and patches. Use larger sizes on bags and pants.

  • Patent Pending